According to The Apprentice, contestants will be judged based on their ‘ugliest-to-pretiest’ auditions.


Thomas Skinner, the Apprentice star and entrepreneur, was featured in the fifteenth season of the show.

An ex-Star of The Apprentice claimed that the audition stage required contestants to rank themselves from “ugliest” to “prettiest” during the audition stage.

Thomas Skinner, who was a guest on series 15, stated that there were many people who wanted to be a part of the show and that they lined up.

“Before you go on the show you go through the interview stages and you’ve got people from all over – from London, from Ireland, from Manchester, and you’re in this room and they told us to line up from ugliest to prettiest,”He claimed that he Silver Screen Beats.

“And you don’t know who these people are and you’ve got people arguing about who’s the prettiest.”

According to the ex-market trader, it was complete “carnage” as hopeful contestants began squabbling over who was better.

Mirror reached out to The Apprentice in order to obtain comment.

Thomas and Sinead welcomed Henry, a son together with their partner Sinead, after appearing on the show in 2020.

The entrepreneur spoke out about her previous ventures. “panic” he felt when his crying fiancée told him their baby’s heart rate dropped during induced labour.

The coronavirus pandemic prevented the father from going into the hospital.

Henry’s heart rate increased but Sinead was kept overnight before going into labor.

Thomas told OK! magazineExperience: “It was well scary. Sinead rang me up crying, and I couldn’t do anything to help. It was the day before lockdown, I couldn’t even go to the hospital.

“It was so panicky. Although I kept telling her that everything would be fine, I was actually quite scared. She was incredibly cared for by the midwives as well as the doctors.”

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Meanwhile, The Apprentice recently returned a fter being off the air for two years due to the pandemic.

The Apprentice had recruited a new line-up of candidates for 2022, with all of them hoping to get the £250,000 investment.

However, things weren’t all smooth sailing after contestant Shama Amin quit the show due to her crippling arthritis.

Stunning her fellow contestants and Lord Sugar, the mother-of-five told them she had to make the decision for her health.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, Shama, 41, confirmed she felt she had no choice but to leave after facing exhausting 19-hour days.

She said: “The audition process was gruelling but once the show started, it was very physically demanding.

“I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. And it affects your joints, your physical mobility. In my personal life, when I need to rest I put my feet up.”

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