According to the latest rumors, Ben Affleck was allegedly involved in a serious relationship with Jennifer Garner.


Are You Ben Affleck Jennifer GarnerAre they no longer on good terms together? Rumor has it, the exes’ co-parenting relationship has been strained by Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Here’s the latest gossip about Affleck and Garner.

Ben Affleck is Called A ‘Ticking Time Bomb’?

In January, OK! Reports said that Ben Affleck was venting frustrations to Jennifer Garner, his ex wife. On the occasion of his appearance on Howard Stern ShowAffleck stated that Garner was a part of his alcoholism in their marriage. The tabloid denied that the comments were the result of long-standing buildup. Affleck apparently was feeling pressured by media attention regarding his recent reunion with Jennifer Lopez. Sources claim that Affleck was ill. “putting impossible demands on himself,” adding, “he’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.”

Of course, we were quick to point out that the magazine took Affleck’s comments out of context. While Affleck’s words were a bit careless, it was clear he never intended to blame or lash out at Garner. And since Affleck and Garner have always prioritized their children, it was safe to say that this little hiccup didn’t change their arrangement.

Jennifer Garner ‘Disgusted’ By Ben Affleck?

A report from was right behind. Life & Style claiming Jennifer Garner was furious at Ben Affleck’s statements about feeling “trapped”They are married. “She’s disgusted with him and says it will be hard to trust Ben again,”An insider is charged “Mind you, she hasn’t believed a word that’s come out of his mouth for years.” The outlet then dissected how Affleck and Garner’s marriage fell apart, blaming Affleck for his lies and rumored affairs.

However, once again the outlet missed an important context. Affleck never intended for Garner to be blamed for anything. He has always maintained that his alcoholism is his own fault. It was absurd to suggest Garner was letting online gossip dictate her feelings about her father. It doesn’t matter how much the tabloids twist Affleck’s words; he and Garner know better than anyone what their marriage was and how it ended.

Garner and Affleck No Longer ‘Friendly Exes’?

Finally, WHO Echoed Life & Style‘s report, claiming that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be co-parents, but they don’You don’t have to be close friends. Garner was reportedly washing her hands of Affleck before handing him over to Jennifer Lopez. Unnamed “friend”The explanations in the magazines. “J.Lo is welcome to him… Jen admits she’s not her biggest fan, but she’ll tolerate her. As long as J.Lo can support Ben in his sobriety and he’s in a good state to see the kids, that’s all Jen really cares about.”

The publication did not provide any information on its own. Instead, it relied heavily upon quotes from Life & Style‘s report on the matter. We reiterated that although Affleck & Garner insist that their marriage ended, they still have a lot of respect for one another.

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