Activists Dressed as ‘Squid Game’ Characters Target Samsung Chairman Over Coal Investments at COP26


Netflix “Squid Game”Characters are placed in life-or-death situations. And climate change protestors claim it is a death or life situation.

“The world is burning,”Joo-Jin Kim, Solutions For Our Climate states. “The world is definitely burning. We must finish coal power within 2030.”

A demonstration on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland, had protesters from South Korea dressed as guards from the Netflix hit, “Squid Game.”

The protester pretended to beat up a person in a tracksuit costume similar to a “Squid Game”player. They did this while wearing a mask to look like Jae-Yong Lee, vice-chairman of the South Korean electronics company Samsung. 

“Samsung has been investing heavily in coal projects around the world,”Kim added. “While it can, it hasn’t yet committed to producing its products with renewable energy while many global leaders have done so. We demand Samsung to commit to produce its products by 100 percent renewable energy.”

Since October 31, COP26, the United Nations conference on climate change, has been held in Scotland. To discuss the solutions to climate crisis, world leaders and climate activists gathered in Glasgow. 

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