Adele Postponed Vegas Residency Because She’s Pregnant, Says Source


Is Adele pregnant? One report says she and Rich Paul are expecting, and this is the real reason why her Las Vegas residency needed postponing. Here’s what some are saying.

A Shocking Pregnancy

Per MTO News, Adele and Paul are expecting. A source close to both Paul and LeBron James confirmed that the two are having a baby, and that’s why the residency got postponed. Adele’s not a diva, the source clarifies. She was just putting the baby first, especially with COVID-19 going on.

Paul’s supposed associate expects Adele to announce the new residency dates sooner rather than later. She doesn’t plan to slow down just over pregnancy. Furthermore, Adele was spotted over NBA all-star weekend touching her stomach.

Adele’s Playing Coy

There’s definitely more going on in Adele’s life than she’s letting on, but we’re not sure if it’s a pregnancy. She was playing coy with engagement and pregnancy rumors on a recent edition of the Graham Norton Show. The “Hello” singer was rocking a giant diamond ring which Norton asked her about.

“As if I would ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t” Adele responded. Norton says “I’ll take that a yes,” and she only laughs.

In the same interview, the topic of rescheduling her residency comes up. Adele stresses “It has to happen this year because I’ve got plans for next year.” Critically, she adds “imagine if I have to cancel because I am having a baby?”

This sure makes it sound like Adele is planning to have a baby next year, but that this current cancellation is for different reasons. Adele’s obviously keeping some cards to herself, but it doesn’t seem like she’s pregnant. Touching one’s stomach is hardly proof enough of a pregnancy.

Furthermore, this source close to Paul doesn’t really have a consistent story. If Adele is postponing her residency because she’s pregnant, then surely she would wait until she had her baby to reschedule it? If she’s not going to stop, then why did she stop everything on such short notice?

World May Never Know

We may never know the real reason why Adele postponed her residency. In all likelihood, it was a confluence of things from a choir to bad management. Her existing dates are being filled in by Keith Urban, and she sounds anxious to get back to it. Adele and Paul are clearly having a good time together though, so a baby and engagement could be coming down the pike soon.

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