Adele’s Sets Spotify Record With The New Single “Easy on Me” Along With BTS.


Adele returned to the top of the charts Friday with her brand new single “Easy On Me. “After a six-year absence, Adele is back. Adele’s return was a long-awaited event. In the 24 hours since her single dropped at midnight U.K time, Adele has already broken records. Spotify announced Friday that “Easy On Me”  BTS’s has been overtaken “Butter” Become The record holder in terms of most streams in a single day.

“And just like that, Adele set a new record, “The streaming service tweeted Friday. While the exact number of streams has not been released, BTS had previously broken that record in May with 11,000,000 streams. Adele is the only one who can defeat K-pop.

It was that simple. @AdeleRecord set🏆

— Spotify (@Spotify) October 15, 2021

“Easy On Me” This is Adele’s first single off her fourth studio album. 30. It will be released on November 19. The long-awaited album will dive into her divorce from Simon Konecki. It is sure to bring the singer’s trademark brand of heartache in a new era. Adele was the one to make it. Social media announcement of albumShe explained this week that she had finally found peace after all the turmoil of the past few decades.

“I was certainly nowhere near where I’d hoped to be when I first started it nearly 3 years ago,”The Grammy Award winner wrote. “Quite the opposite. I rely on routine and consistency to feel safe. I always have. And yet there I was knowingly — willingly even, throwing myself into a maze of absolute mess and inner turmoil.”

“I’ve learned a lot of blistering home truths about myself along the way,” Adele admitted. “I’ve shed many layers but also wrapped myself in new ones. Discovered genuinely useful and wholesome mentalities to lead with, and I feel like I’ve finally found my feeling again. I’d go as far as to say that I’ve never felt more peaceful in my life. And so, I’m ready to put this album out finally.”

Adele is known for her songs about heartbreak, and her upcoming album is no different. British Vogue told her that the album’s one song is “The One.” “obviously about stuff that happened” in her marriage, “but I wanted to put it on the album to show [her son] Angelo what I expect him to treat his partner like, whether it be a woman or a man or whatever.”

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