Adventure Seekers Can Now Hang 1,300 Feet in the Air From One of New York’s Tallest Buildings


City Climb is being called the highest external building-climb in the world. Visitors who dare can be face to face with New York City’s famous skyline — without railings or a glass window.

“So we’re at the top of the world,”Anissa Barbato is the manager of City Climb Edge at Hudson Yards.

“But we are on top of the apex up here as a part of our attraction called City Climb. I’m doing a lean back on the apex. Enjoying every minute of New York City right now.”

There is only one thing between Barbato and that apex, 1,300 feet of street potholes and all.

But this is nothing to her, considering the tour leader used to be a circus aerialist.

For this attraction, climbers suit up in specially designed safety harnesses. If they so desire, climbers can also look down from the edge at the Empire State Building. 

But before they get to that point, climbers go through a series of safety protocols, including a breathalyzer test, before putting on bright blue full-body suits.

“We know it’s safe, and if you trust in us and you trust in the equipment, and you trust in our process, you will be very proud of what you can do,” Barbato adds.

“Be proud of your accomplishment and proud of making it to the top of this building because we really are on top of the world.”

This experience costs $185. No climbs are permitted in bad weather, or once temperatures drop below 23 degrees.

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