After 30 years, the family’s lost tortoise was discovered in the attic. He’s still breathing.


Manuela was Nathalye’s mother in 1980s. She was eight years old when the electrical work began in her house.

A tortoise She was reported missing in 1982. Her body was discovered in her attic 30 years later.

According to, Manuela was Nathalye De Almedia’s mother in the 1980s. Silver Screen Beats reports.

Nathalye heard of the mysterious creature but was told that he didn’t exist. When his mother was eight, he vanished.

The family believed that the pet had disappeared during the electrical work being done on the house.

But three decades later, after her husband died, the family visited the house and began to organize his possessions.

They were also shocked to find an old wooden speaker in an old box while going through the attic.

“We were shocked!”Almeida talked to The Dodo on 2013.

“My mom arrived crying because she didn’t believe it – they found Manuela!”

Despite all odds, the animal managed to survive for more than 30 years in a box.

It was believed that she had survived from termite larvae found in her room.

However, nearly 10 years later, in an update on the story, it turns out that Manuela is still alive – but is now called Manuel, as it turned out during a routine veterinary check-up this year that the plucky tortoise is actually male.

A tortoise may live up to 255-years old and can survive without food for approximately three years.

Jonathan, a giant tortoise from Seychelles who lives on the South Atlantic Island St Helena, is the world’s oldest.

He is 180 years old and arrived on the island in 1882 to be given as a present to Sir William Grey Wilson, who would go on becoming the Governor.

But, Joe Hollins, his veterinarian, said that he had told him in March: “”To be honest, I suspect he’s older, but we can never know.”

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