After 34 years of cover-up, Boris Johnson promised to host a summit with veterans from the nuke testing program


For more than 30 years the Mirror has campaigned for justice for the brave men who took part in Britain’s nuclear weapons tests.

The Ministry of Defence has been there to defend us every step of our way.

We have shared many heartbreaking stories about grieving mothers, children with disabilities, men older than their time, widows trying to keep their families together, and we also campaigned for recognition.

Two years ago, we launched an appeal to award a medal to 1,500 survivors.

It was the first time that we could prove that certain were used unwittingly in experiments.

Gavin Williamson, the then-Defence Secretary, supported our appeal. However, his review failed to materialize after he was fired.

It only had six meetings in the past two years. They never requested to meet veterans. They never asked for the proof.

They instead asked the MoD for information, which has a history of denials what its paperwork later proves.

As the medal campaign gained momentum, civil servants also drew public records from the National Archives.

If 3 megatons plutonium were to explode south of the river, would anyone still be employed in Whitehall?

Families of test veterans will continue to fight. They will always be heard by the Mirror.

Listen to the Prime Minister. Reverse this shameful decision

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