After a beach proposal, photographer finds bride’s lost engagement ring


An engagement proposal at the beach ended in disaster after the bride-to be’s engagement ring flew into the sand. 

Troy Parker asked Kristen Durand to be his wife. Durand said yes, then dove right into her fiancé’s arms.

But their moment of joy didn’t last long. The groom realized suddenly that the diamond engagement ring was missing. The bride leapt into his arms to grab it from the box.

“I was trying to remain calm for his sake, and he was trying to remain calm for me as well. It was a disaster,”Durand speaks out about Inside Edition.

Amazingly, the photographer hired for the proposal took a picture of the ring in mid-air.

Then the desperate search began. The search was now all hands on deck, as the sisters of the bride-to be joined in. They used kitchen colanders to sift through the sand and even a metal detector.

“When it got really dark out, we were like, we’re not gonna find this,”Parker said.

The photo of the ring was used by the photographer to locate the exact location where it fell. The night was falling by then.

“Out of nowhere I just hear, ‘I think I found it,’”Durand stated.

Thanks to the photographer’s determination, the ring is now safely on the bride-to-be’s finger.

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