After a ‘bird changes its mind,’ I’m A Celeb’s Naughty Boy decides that he will stay on ITV’s ITV show


After making numerous threats to quit, Naughty Boy decided to stay on I’m A Celebrity. After a robin, which he named Sunny, he was persuaded to stay.

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Naughty Boy believes a robin is telling Naughty Boy to stay

Naughty Boy will now remain on I’m A Celebrity after a bird changed their minds.

He has repeatedly threatened to leave the show and called his fellow stars ‘fake’. But he is now willing to stay and try again as the Clink celebs return to Main Camp to be reunited.

He made a sensational claim “there is no love”He said that there was a distinction between Main Camp, and the Clink. “didn’t know if he could ever join”He told the other celebrities that they would be the reason why he left.

After receiving a sign from Sunny, his friend, he decided to change his mind and enter the camp.

Arlene Phillips, who threatened to quit the show, revealed in The Telegraph she felt a lot better. She praised her Clink campmates for keeping their spirits up and encouraging her to stay.

She stated: “My mood changed in the night. The boys have been fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Sunny the Robin was returning to Naughty Boy’s courtyard, and Naughty Boy was there when he saw him. Arlene suggested that Sunny be allowed to decide if he should remain in the castle.

He took a moment to pause before telling Arlene and David Ginola that he believed Sunny was trying to convince them to stay at the Main Camp.

“I’m going to the main camp to see how I feel when I get there,”Naughty Boy made the announcement and Arlene was delighted, doing a dance to celebrate.

He also added: “I’m feeling buoyant, I’m feeling good, I’m so blessed to have these guys.”

He had already explained to them how he was not enamoured of the Main Camp, having been selected to take on the trial against Snoochie Shy, despite him taking part in the challenge earlier that day.

“I had a feeling earlier and I was thinking about mum and obviously I love you guys,”He said. “I don’t think after knowing what the Main Camp probably knew what they were putting me through knowing I did the challenge earlier. I don’t know if I could join that camp.

“This isn’t a random big decision. I’ve tried my best both times today. I just can’t go from here into that Main Camp. I can’t fake that. I’m sorry. One thing I’ll tell you before you guys go into the Main Camp, as much as they say they love us, they love you, there is no love. When you guys go to the Main Camp, they’re the reason why I left.”

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