After a difficult week for Derek’s health, Kate Garraway takes her daughter out on a night out


After a tough week at work, Kate Garraway, a journalist, treated Darcey to a night out at the theatre with her daughter Darcey. “tough week” amid her husband Derek’s health battle.

Darcey, Kate’s daughter, celebrated her 16th Birthday at the theatre. They shared a selfie to celebrate the occasion.

The 54 year old took her to London’s Dominion Theatre to see the stage production of 80s classic, Dirty Dancing.

The photo was taken as the couple sat down in front the stage and flashing neon lights.

Darcey held her hand up to her chin while she leaned against the seat in front. Darcey was wearing a white long-sleeve blouse with matching nails and a crown as her finishing touch.

The presenter and her daughter enjoyed a rare night out
The mother and daughter shared a rare night out

Kate sat next the birthday girl with her long, blonde hair up. She wore a scarf and a striped scarf on her head.

She wrote the caption: “Well, what a way to celebrate your 16th birthday eve! Dirty Dancing on stage is the best fun and we are both in love with Johnny, and yes, Darcey has already told me no-one puts her in the corner!”

Kate continued: “Just what the doctor ordered after a tough week. The season ends at Easter so if you get the chance, go do it!”

Kate has had a "tough" time recently
Kate has been to a “tough”Time recently

The Good Morning Britain presenter has found herself leaning on her children for their support throughout her husband’s health battle.

Darcey and her brother Billy appeared on Kate’s episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories and watched their mother from the audience, but Piers got the siblings involved when he asked them a question.

Piers asked Billy “how proud of his mum”He is: “Very proud, I’m really proud of her.”

Kate's children have been her lifeline throughout the struggle
Kate’s children were her lifeline through the battle

Darcey then turned to him and asked how Darcey has managed these last few years. “She’s amazing, obviously. She looks after us, she always encourages us. It’s really good, we’re really proud of her.”

Piers said that they “should be”Their mum is proud

Kate took care of Derek Draper’s wife, Kate. He has suffered with long Covid since just over two years.

Kate bravely opened up about Derek's illness and how she is coping
Kate bravely spoke out about Derek’s illness, and how she is coping.

He became seriously ill during the Covid-19 pandemic’s early stages and was quickly taken to hospital. There, he was placed in an induced coma.

Recently, Derek and Kate allowed camera crews inside their home to film Kate Garraway: Caring For Derek, a new documentary about the ITV presenter’s daily routines and tasks to help her spouse.

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