After a scooter battery explodes, setting fire to their home, a family flees for its safety


Leon Currie, Doris Currie, and Stephen Currie’s grandson Leon fear that they may have lost all their possessions after the terrible fire at their Runcorn home left them and their dog trapped.

After a scooter battery explosion and a blazing fireball, a family was hospitalized.

Stephen Currie, Doris, and Leon Currie fear that they will lose everything after the terrible fire that left them and their dog trapped in a blaze.

After inhaling smoke and suffering severe burns, the trio were forced to run through a fire without shoes.

The emergency services were called to the Runcorn house in the early hours on Sunday morning. Liverpool Echo Reports.

Neighbors had previously rushed to Leon, Stephen, and Doris’ aid after they became trapped inside the burning house. There were also reports that one family friend kicked open the front door for them to escape.

Sharon Currie, the daughter of Doris Currie and Stephen, and mother to Leon, stated that she was “terrified”And “couldn’t think”When she got a call that her parents home was on fire. The 46-yearold, who also lives in Runcorn said: “I got a call telling me there had been a fire and my parents and son were in a really bad way.

“My neighbour drove me to my house, but police blocked the roads. We managed to pass and I have never seen so many flashing lights before – there was fire, police and ambulances everywhere.”

Doris and Stephen, both in their 60s, and Leon were rushed to hospital after the fire where they still remain now. Sharon told the ECHO the family could be there for another week while they recover from exposure to the smoke and their burns.

Leon, 26, needs surgery to repair the skin on his hands after he touched a metal door handle during their escape. Mum Sharon said Leon went back to get his grandparents from their bedroom after he heard his “Petrified” nan screaming.

She added the family are being kept apart and are only allowed one visitor at a time because of the risk of infection to their burns. After initial fears for the family’s 10-year-old dog Roxy they’ve been given the good news the dog is in a stable condition and is being kept at the vets.

But the family have nothing but the clothes they escaped in after the fire and smoke damage left all their possessions unsalvageable. Sharon said in parts of the house the floor has caved in following the blaze. The family are now waiting to be rehomed.

She told the ECHO : “My parents are devastated, especially my mum. They say they don’t have enough money now because they didn’t have insurance for their home.

“They were in that house for 33 years and were part of the community all that time. So many of their memories were made there.

“They were lucky to escape – Leon’s bedroom was damaged and the hallway was flooded. It’s amazing that they survived.”

A spokesperson for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Cheshire Police jointly investigated the fire. Accidental ignition is the probable cause.

After losing everything in the fire, a fundraiser was set up to support Leon, Stephen, and Doris. Donate to the fundraiser Here.

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