After a seagull stole a parking ticket from the windscreen, a driver who was unlucky faces hefty penalties


The seagull was seen in Brighton pecking at a parking fine on a car’s windshield before taking it in its beak, and flying off. The driver who is next in line can expect a substantial fine

Unlucky drivers could face a heavy fine after a cheeky seagull took a parking ticket from their car’s windscreen.

The bird stole the Brighton motor ticket and flew off, completely unaware of the driver.

James Earley (55), captured the clever gull in action and took a few photos.

According to the insurance broker: “I expected it to fly off when I tried to take a photo but it just ignored me and was determined to get the ticket. I wonder what he did with it afterwards?

“Poor driver won’t know until they get a reminder through the post.”

The bird can be seen in one photo perched on the bonnet a white car and looking at a parking sign under the windscreen wiper.

Later photos show the gull successfully removing charge notices from the vehicle.

Parking tickets in Brighton and Hove generally cost between £50 and £70, which can be halved if paid within 14 days.

The driver of the car is likely to be fined a lesser amount because the bird stole the evidence.

James uploaded the photos to a local Facebook page in an effort to find the owner of this car.

He wrote: “Seagull taking a parking ticket from a car in Kemptown this afternoon. Someone will get a nasty surprise through the post in a few weeks time.”

James’ Facebook post caused residents to joke about the bird’s sinister plan to stitch up the unaware motorist.

Christina Beyer wrote: “I would like to think the seagull had good intentions taking it in order to prevent the car owner from penalties.

“But then again it is a seagull so that might be wishful thinking.”

Another added: “He has reported back and will be around the same area tomorrow.”

Earlier this month another seagull made the news when it stole a hamburger out of a man’s hands as he was eating in Dublin.

The gull dived down and landed on the unsuspecting diner’s shoulder before grabbing his dinner and flying off.

He said: “I was hungry so I was walking down Grafton Street and I figured ‘I’ll just grab a burger.

“I went in [to McDonalds] and got it and as I walked out I had my phone in one hand and unwrapped the burger in the other. The second I took the wrapper off, something hit me on my shoulder.

“I thought I was getting mugged or something and I thought, ‘Oh god, they’re going to take my phone’, and then the burger just disappeared.

“The gull came down, put his legs on my shoulder just to perch, grabbed it, took it to the ground and about 20 other gulls came down and started ripping it apart.

“I was just standing there with half a bun left in my hand.”

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