After A Year Adopted Girl Reunited in Ethiopia With Teddy Bear She Was Given To Her In Ethiopia Orphanage.


A year after her beloved bear died while hiking Hidden Lake Trail at Glacier National Park, a little girl and her bear were reunited. It was all due to a park ranger who discovered it and cared for the animal and a friend of the family who noticed it sitting in his vehicle.

“There was something special about this teddy bear,” According to a statement from Tom Mazzarisi (ranger), Glacier National Park.

Naomi, who was originally the owner of Teddy, met him while she was in Ethiopian orphanages. Addie Pascal, her adopted mother, shared in a Facebook post how she and her husband had sent Teddy to them from Wyoming before they could meet in person.

“He kept her company until she could come home for good,” Pascal said.

Naomi brought Teddy everywhere ever since – from stops like Rwanda and Croatia on their way home from Ethiopia to camping holidays and beach days.

Naomi lost Teddy last fall while hiking in Glacier National Park with her family.

Mazzarisi was able to pick it up. The stuffed animal was damaged while he and his fellow rangers were cleaning up for the season.

“Bears are my passion,” He stated. “I just didn’t have the heart to throw it away.”

He made Teddy the mascot for his patrol car, displaying him right in the center of the dashboard – which is where a visitor spotted the bear and thought it looked familiar.

Pascal asked her Facebook friends to help Teddy search for him while they were hiking Glacier National Park.

“There would be no greater joy than to reunite our daughter with her extraordinary furry friend,” She spoke.

A friend was able to leave a note to the park staff. Rangers were happy to hand over the bear to the friend.

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