After alerting car to rockslide, a woman exploring Alaska was hailed as a hero by the authorities


Would you be able to spot a rockslide coming if it were happening? Alaskan woman, who was on her way to Alaska, heard the warning sound and was very fortunate to have it.  

The woman was making a video to promote her TikTok account. “The Dirty Explorer,”She realized that she needed to flee.  

“I’ve never quite felt fear like that landslide. It sounds like a jumbo jet coming down on you,”She spoke to Inside Edition. 

When she heard that there was a rockslide, she started running.  

“You’re not seeing the rocks. What you hear comes first and that’s the sound you’re running away from. If you’re staying long enough to see the rocks, you’ve stayed too long,”She spoke. 

As she tried to distance herself from the rockslide she signaled her concern to an approaching driver.  

“Stop! Stop! Stop your car!”She yelled at motorists, but thankfully they listened to her warning and pulled over before the rockslide continued down the road.  

“That was a rockslide!”As she took in her breath, she said.

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