After an accident on the airport tarmac, a woman’s bag is ripped to shreds


Imagine landing at the airport to find your luggage looking like it was shredded by a paper shredder.

That’s exactly what happened to photographer Emilie Hofferber after flying Delta Airlines from Fort Myers to Salt Lake City. She found her bag and everything in it completely destroyed upon landing.

“I just immediately started crying out of stress, because I was like, I didn’t even know what happened,”Hofferber spoke.

She shared photos from her travel disaster on Twitter, and the reaction was incredible.

“Was it handled by a T-rex?”One person made a comment. 

“Did they throw it in the turbines while the plane was in the air???”Another said.

Hofferber was informed by an airline employee that her bag had been dropped from the luggage cart and got stuck under a steering wheel. She was then dragged across hot asphalt.

Hofferber said that Delta Airlines had filed a claim at her airport. On Wednesday, someone called her. But she claims she is still trying unsuccessfully to contact anyone at the airline.

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“Delta sincerely apologizes to this customer for the damage to her luggage and its contents. Delta spokespeople said that Delta teams were in contact with this customer to offer compensation.

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