After arriving in Dubai to fight UFC 267, Hasbulla “punches” YouTube star in the face


Internet sensation Hasbulla was seen fighting YouTube star Adam Saleh on social media and punching him in the face during their meeting in Dubai. This was before his guest appearance at Fight Island’s UFC card.

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Khabib runs hard on the treadmill

Internet sensation Hasbulla was captured laughingly punching YouTube star Adam Saleh on the face at the meeting on “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi.

The viral star known as “Mini Khabib” has made a trip across the country in order to observe Khabib Numragomedov’s protégé Islam Makhachev during his UFC 267 encounter with Dan Hooker.

TikTok has made him a popular blogger from Dagestan, who suffers from a form of dwarfism.

He was also seen in Saleh’s latest viral video, where he is seen throwing punches at YouTube star Saleh.

Saleh commented that they were friends and they had a great time together. “Face-to-face with my next opponent Hasbulla, he punches hard!”

Hasbulla was pictured recently with Nurmagomedov, Makhachev and UFC 267. She will attend the event and plan to speak with Dana White, the promotion’s boss.

Makhachev will attempt to continue his meteoric rise in the UFC lightweight division, dethroning Hooker to move closer to a chance at a world championship.

Hooker has been warned by the Dagestani as he prepares for his fight against Makhachev.

“Dan Hooker. Listen to me, my brother. [I’ll] smash you, be careful,”He said it on his Instagram account.

Hasbulla started a TikTok rivalry with Abdu Rozik, another viral star who also has a form dwarfism.

Hooker has responded satirically to Hasbulla’s threats by backing Rozik, his rival, ahead of Saturday’s Makhachev test.

“Who’s the other bloke? Who’s the guy on my team. Abdu. Abdu’s on my team. I got a horse on the race,”Reporters were informed by him.

“I’m training my boy Abdu. No word of a lie, I’m not even s******* you. Abdu’s on my team. Hasbulla can be on his team. He’s picked his horse. He’s picked the losing horse. Game on baby.”

Will Makhachev’s rise continue with victory over Hooker in UFC 267 this weekend. We’d love to hear your predictions in the comments below.

Makhachev will be supported on Saturday by Hasbulla. This is a remarkable development considering his UFC debut in 2015.

He has been linked with a future lightweight fight against Conor McGregor from Ireland, who is a bitter rival to Makhachev’s long-time friend Khabib.

Ali Abdelaziz, the Russian manager believes that the rising star would prefer to spend time in prison over share the cage.

“At the end of the day, all these guys are going to fight each other,”He told the story MMA Junkie. “If Justin Gaethje wins, he’s gonna fight for the title, if Conor McGregor wants to get one more a**-whooping from the Dagestani mafia, we can give it to him, you know.

“Listen, he is still speaking, insulting and attacking people at the end of each day. He’s still going to jail, but what about being in jail with Islam Makhachev instead? I believe he would choose jail.

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