After asking for a moon design, a woman was mortified at her tattoo that looked like a ‘toenail.


When she asked for a cute, moon tattoo, a woman regretted her decision. “toenail” inking.

You can watch the video here Ella Neve McCauleyShe shares her embarrassment at thinking the design couldn’t go wrong.

The design she was looking for was an imitation of one she found on Pinterest. “cute small tattoos for women with meaning”The outline of a sun and crescent moon was included in the design.

Ella’s artist must be quite inept, because her sun looks a bit squashed while the wonky moon looks almost like it is from another planet.

Ella was told her tattoo looks like a toenail
Ella was told that her tattoo looked like a toenail.

Ella’s TikTok video with the caption “Ella” was viewed more than 200,000 time since it was uploaded. “Look at the shape of the moon I am dead.”

“The toenail moon,”One commentator joked.

Another person was also baffled and asked: “Did they think you weren’t gonna see it on your back or something?”

”Lesson learned don’t randomly turn up asking for a tattoo,” a third viewer remarked.

The woman said she would get a cover-up to fix the tattoo
She said that she would cover the tattoo with a cover-up

”This is why I’ll wait a year for a spot with my fave artist,” said another.

Ella posted in the comments that she would have the tattoo repainted at a different studio. She also warned others about the possibility of getting the tattoo covered up. “be careful”.

This is after a mother had her face tattoos removed in an experiment. However, she was left feeling very uncomfortable. “vile”And I loathe her clean-faced look.

Aimee wants to be completely covered in ink one of these days. “I was not impressed. I was trying so hard not to cry.

“It may seem like a simple makeup application, but it was something I found disgusting.

“I know it’s a strong word but I felt vile and horrible in myself. I felt so uncomfortable and it was like looking at someone who I didn’t know.”

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