After backlash, Jeremy Clarkson’s neighbors have rearranged their plans for Diddly Squat.


Jeremy Clarkson has had the backing of Top Gear stars’ neighbors to open a Diddly Squat at his farm.

Clarkson’s Farm host had planned to open a restaurant and a 70-space carpark on the site of his Diddly Squat farming operation.

Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy’s 1000-acre Oxfordshire farm, is featured on his hit Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm. This shows Jeremy learning how to farm.

Clarkson stated that he was “very”After his plan to build a restaurant on the site was rejected by his local Oxfordshire council, he became frustrated.

Jeremy, however, has the support of other farmers, food producers, and residents in the vicinity of Chadwick, Oxfordshire.

jeremy clarkson
Local farmers have backed Jeremy’s plans of building a restaurant at Diddly Squat Farm.

Pete Ledbury is a farmer living just a few minutes from Jeremy’s Diddly Squat farm. He said that turning down Jeremy’s project won’t create any more jobs.

The Guardian reported that he said: “We know that we have to diversify to make a living and create more jobs for the countryside.

“It’s not a good idea to turn down projects like these. It is a shortsighted approach by the planners.”.

His wife Emma revealed their farm has lost 40 of their 100-strong herd of cattle after a bout of tuberculosis.

jeremy clarkson
Jeremy was crushed when the council rejected his plans to build the restaurant.

She said: “British farming is a mess”

Max Abbot, the Lechdale-based owner of Sourdough Revolution bakery, wanted to supply bread to Clarkson’s cafe.

He argued: “Jeremy is employing people, bringing in money. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but what the council is doing seems absurd.”

Top Gear presenter, John McDonnell, wanted to sell his milk and butter at the restaurant.

clarksons farm
Top Gear’s host wanted to create a cafe and a 70-space car parking on his 1,000-acre farm.

Clarkson was likened to Victoria Steffens, who works at Chadlington’s village store. “marmite”She believes that he offers jobs in the area.

This is after Jeremy attended a meeting of the West Oxfordshire District Council’s sub-committee for planning on Monday (January 10)

Despite his attempts to convince councillors that the restaurant would be beneficial to local farmers and other arguments, seven of the ten councilors voted against it.

He insisted: “Farmers are not going to be able to do that for much longer because of the farmers’s state of finances. We have been told as farmers to diversify — that is exactly what this proposal is.”

jeremy clarkson
Clarkson’s Farm is Amazon Prime’s most-rated show.

Jeremy’s proposed restaurant received more than 50 objections from the council. Many of these were based on concerns that there would be increased traffic in the village because the show is so popular.

The meeting argued that the cafe should be “out of keeping”Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Also, the documents reveal that the building was used as a bar area or cafe without planning permission.

Grand Tour star, who had stated that the meeting was bad for farmers, said that it was.

He had hoped to convert a lambing house that he had built in 2020. Jeremy then bought a new flock.

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