After being told to wait until he can enter a nightclub, a cocaine-fueled man uses a barrier as a ram.


Keith Williams (47) was captured on CCTV trying to use a barrier in cocaine-fueled rage to drive his way into Copa Nightclub in North Wales. After being told to wait, he was allowed to enter.

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Wales: Keith Williams lifts the metal barrier outside Caernarfon club

CCTV footage shows that a cocaine-fuelled man uses a barrier as an arma after being told to wait to get into a nightclub.

Keith Williams, 47, was a cocaine addict who had just finished his first dose before the incident at Copa nightclub in Caernarfon (North Wales).

After the July 18th incident, which occurred on July 18, 2013, the security guard required hospital treatment. North Wales Live reported.

Williams pleaded guilty in the affray of possession of cocaine and was sentenced to a 12-month suspended term.

Prosecutor Nicola Williams stated that Williams was seen outside the nightclub early on Sunday morning, while customers waited in line to get in.

He asked the security guard if he could enter, but was told to wait.

Williams then offered the guard £20 “in an attempt to bribe”The prosecutor said that he should be allowed in.

He was then told to wait his turn.

Instead, he returned to retrieve a metal barrier and walked towards the people carrying it.

He refused to release it despite security personnel’s requests and lifted it above his head.

Finally, Williams was beaten by the security personnel and several customers. Police were called and the defendant was detained.

The court heard that the security man had a broken back and a bleeding nail.

Officers searched him and found white powder in a bag. It turned out that it was cocaine.

The security guard who was injured claimed that he had suffered severe back pain as a result of the incident.

His drug-fueled actions meant that he was unable to do household chores or enjoy hobbies such as hill walking and exercise.

His self-esteem is low and he’s now on anti-depressants.

The court learned that Williams, a groundsworker, was acting out of character.

Elen Owen, Elen’s defender, stated that he was deeply affected by his father’s death during the Covid pandemic. He only had the opportunity to see him two days prior to his death.

In his grief, however, he tried to drink, but a friend advised him not to. He foolishly took cocaine, she stated.

Williams is “deeply sorry”He is responsible for the suffering he has caused.

Her Honour Nicola Saffman, judge, said that he shoved the metal barrier forward “with as much force as he could”. To restrain him, it took three people.

He did it, and she was appalled. He is normally hardworking.

She ordered that he pays his victim £1,000 compensation. He must also pay £530 costs and a £156 statutory surcharge.

He was sentenced to a one month suspended prison term for possession of cocaine. This is concurrent with the main 12-month suspended term for affray.