After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Katie Couric is inspired by her daughters


Katie Couric putting her health first for her family.

Three days after she revealed her breast cancer diagnosis, the journalist called herself TheThe “Screen Queen” and took to social media to urge women to get their annual mammograms

“I was six months late getting mine and was shocked when I found out I had stage 1A breast cancer,” She shared her Instagram photosOctober 1, the first day for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “Early detection is so important to a favorable outcome.”

Along with her important message, Katie, 65, shared a photo with daughters Ellie, 31, and Caroline26-year-old Judith challenged her followers to spread the message that screening can save lives.

“Share a photo with whoever or whatever inspires you to put your health first, and share it on social using the hashtag, #IScreenYouScreen,” she continued, “Here are two of my reasons.”

She shouted out too Kristin Chenoweth Elaine WelterothAsk them. “tap in”Participate.

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