After Car Accident, Supernatural Star Reports to be ‘Lucky to Live’


Jared Padalecki is recovering from injuries sustained in a car crash. Padalecki’s ex-husband Supernatural According to a report from, Jensen Ackles, co-star in the show was the first to inform fans about this development. The Blast. Uncertain of the circumstances surrounding the crash and Padalecki’s condition.

The news of Padalecki’s accident first appeared to have been reported at a Supernatural Ackles spoke to the crowd at Sunday’s fan convention in New Jersey about Padalecki’s accident. Although videos taken at the convention seem to support this story, it has not been confirmed by Padalecki nor his representatives. According to reports, Padalecki was the passenger in the car that crashed into a tree recently. This prevented him from attending the convention. While he is now recovering at home, details about his condition remain hazy.

It is obvious that the accident was serious as Ackles told the crowd that Padalecki was at the scene. “lucky to be alive” afterward. He also stated that Padalecki was very concerned about getting to the convention, so that it is not surprising that he did not make it. Ackles used his smartphone to capture the joyous crowd and sent it to Padalecki to lift his spirits.

The Supernatural Fans are known to be passionate about the show and its cast. In short, Padalecki’s injury became a viral topic on social media. The hashtag “Get Well Soon Jared”Twitter trended within one hour of the initial report. Many people shared their well wishes publicly to share with the world.

“Jared is recovering from a bad car accident and still thinks of his fans at a convention, sending them autographed pictures. I hope Jared knows how grateful we are for him,”One person tweeted. Another person wrote: “Omg he really is the sweetest most selfless person on the planet. He’s been in an accident and still thinks about not disappointing his fans… The way he loves us so much! I just want to hug him and protect him from the world.”

Padalecki starred in Supernatural from 2005 to 2020 as the Winchester brothers – paranormal hunters tracking a range of bizarre activities all over the world. It was the longest-running series of sci-fi in North American history and many fans were devastated when it ended. Its legacy is evident in the continued popularity of fan conventions such as this one.

Padalecki has become a household name. Walker Reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. The series was renewed for a new season last month. A prequel is also in development. The CW app airs new episodes on Thursdays.