After causing disruption, a man was arrested at the Chris Rock Comedy Show. He is also accused of assaulting officers.


Although it has been a long week for Chris Rock, following Will Smith’s slap and the Oscars, he has remained calm. He hasn’t yelled at Smith, either. His audience members are not the same.

Rock’s Boston Show: A Man was Arrested “causing a disruption and attempting to assault a police officer.” According to PEOPLEBoston Police confirmed to us that Rock’s show was watched by two people who caused an accident. “loud disturbance”At around 8:30 p.m. they requested a mask, but only one person was taken into custody.

Staff had been trying to eliminate the troublemakers when the police officer present at the scene entered the fray. The police intervened and one of the troublemakers was cooperative, but the other refused to comply. Kaleb Herd, 25, was identified as the suspect. “became increasingly agitated, yelling loudly, disrupting the show, and physically assaultive towards the officer and theater staff,”According to police

Herd allegedly pushed the officer and the staff of the theater, hitting the officer in the leg while he was walking out of the venue. The assault attempt continued outside until the officer had to pepper spray Herd. He faces charges for trespassing disorderly conduct, assault, and battery on an Officer.

The arrest was only part of the eventful show at Boston’s Wilbur Theater. Rock also discussed the incident at the Oscars with Smith during the show. “I haven’t talked to anyone, despite what you heard,”Rock spoke to the audience, but did not mention Smith by name. Rock continued to state that he wasn’t ready to discuss Smith. “that s-t”He said that he was already disappointed by the fact that his daughter did not get into the University of Southern California. Rock said Smith was slapped by Smith. “still processing what happened”It is something I would like to talk about in the future.

“At the end of the show, everyone stood up and cheered for him again,”A patron said that the show was being attended by over 200,000 people. According to PEOPLE. “There were a couple of hecklers … just yelling Will Smith’s name … but he didn’t address it. He didn’t even acknowledge it.”

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