After getting into a fight with a wasp and losing, the mouth of a golden retriever puppy expands in size.


A golden retriever “obsessed with insects” was left with a swollen mouth after picking a fight with a wasp.

Freyja, a four-month-old pup, was playing in the garden with her big brother Jasper and picked up a wasp from under the nest on a wall.

Owner Jessica Fellows, who lives in Staffordshire with her boyfriend Kieran, noticed the mischievous pooch putting the wasp in the mouth and rushed to try and get it out.

“She’s obsessed with flies and wasps and I have to watch her constantly when she’s outside,” the 25-year-old told Silver Screen Beat.

But the next morning, Jessica realised that little Freyja had been stung when she saw her mouth had doubled in size.

In a video she posted on TikTok, she said: “Poor baby woke up and decided to pick a fight with a wasp.”

The goldie looks lopsided with her upper snout appearing much bigger than usual.

Her teeth are showing and she can’t seem to close her mouth completely.

But she doesn’t appear to be in pain as she looks at Jessica and wags her tail happily.

The video has attracted four million views with many dog lovers asking about Freyja’s health.

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One couldn’t help but say: “I feel so bad for laughing but that’s funny!”

“Oh poor baby, I hope she feels better!” a second wrote while a third joked: “Not the right way to get lip fillers!”

Jessica recalled the incident and said she had to put her hands in Freyja’s mouth to get the wasp out.

She told the site: “I was out with her and she didn’t spit it out, it was literally just a second or two seconds but that was enough to do the damage.

“I took it out of her mouth and I thought everything was fine. The next morning she woke up looking completely normal and within an hour, her lips swelled but her breathing was fine.

“I know in the video she looked a bit sad but she was actually still very happy – she’s eating, drinking and wagging her tail.”

Jessica called the emergency vet and was told to give some antihistamine tablets to Freyja and luckily the swelling disappeared within an hour.

“I originally took the video to show the vet but once I know she’s fine, I did find it funny and cute and I thought ‘I was gonna share it’,” she added.

“Many people said they found it cute and funny as well, some said they feel sorry but Freyja was fine.”

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