After getting “weird requests” from online fans, Liam Payne sold used clothing.


Fans are jumping at the chance to get into Liam Payne’s pants…quite literally.

Wired learned that former One Direction singer has been secretly selling his clothes at an auction for charity. allows fans to buy clobber that Liam has personally worn to give them a chance to be a part of the Closets. “personal connection”With him.

Alex, the brand’s mastermind, explained that they were subject to rigorous testing. “weird requests”Followers.

“Someone wanted Liam to work out in a T-shirt and sweat as much as possible, used socks is a big thing, I don’t think that’s the thing Liam wants to be interacting with at the minute,” Alex said.

Since teaming up with the company, Liam’s clothes have made over £15,000 for charities including The Trussell Trust and The Penrose Club.

Liam is selling his clothes online for charity and has been bombarded with "weird requests"
Liam is selling his clothes online to raise money for charity. He has been bombarded daily with emails. “weird requests”

Liam is the only 1D member currently flogging his clothes, but the company would love for other celebrities to help its fans create memorabilia.

“I think the fans like the fact it’s benefiting charity and they get a piece of Liam without having to meet him or going to get his signature in person.”

“They can even be proven to be Liam’s in some paparazzi photos and specific shows, it’s something great that fans get behind.”

Fans want to know if the clothes still smell like the singer
Fans want to know if clothes smell the same as the singer.

“One thing I get a lot is ‘are clothes washed? Do they still smell like him?’ that’s a very common thing, the answer is, yes, they are washed, they have to be, most of these clothes were from One Direction days and since then they’ve been sat in storage.

“Some of them come out of his closet right after they’ve worn and been washed.

The money from his unwanted garments has been given to charity
Charity was given the money he earned from selling his clothes.

“I’ve had someone specifically request worn workout clothes and very specifically they wanted Liam to work out in a t-shirt and sweat as much as possible, used socks is a big thing, we don’t sell them but that’s a big request.”

Liam was seen in love with Maya Henry again recently, when he packed on the PDA to make their first red carpet appearance together since rekindling their romance.

They were pictured arm-in–arm at The Royal Festival Hall, where Ron’s Gone Wrong was being shown. The pop star played one of the characters.

Last month, the couple confirmed that they were back together after taking a stroll together in St. Tropez at 4am after having attended a yacht party.

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