After Hoda Kolb returns from COVID-19 Absence and takes another anchor off ‘Today,’ the show’s ‘Today Show’ has lost yet another anchor.


Hoda Kotb, just days after she was the latest NBC talent to contract coronavirus, was killed. Today On Monday, Studio 1A lost another anchor. Kotb, who had been away from home for a while, returned to Studio 1A on Monday. Savannah Guthrie, her co-anchor announced that they were back. “trading places”After being tested positive for COVID-19, she was sent home.

Guthrie has been vaccinated. Guthrie shared her story with Kotb, who has returned to the studio. “we’re trading places. I’m working from home. You’re back in the studio. You have a negative test for COVID. I just tested positive for COVID, so here we go.”Guthrie stated that her symptoms were mild and explained this to Today viewers. “little sniffles, not much more than that.”Guthrie also posted the update to Instagram. She shared a behind-the scenes look at her current setup, as she isolates at her home during her diagnosis.

Guthrie’s landmark case comes less then a week later TodayOn Thursday, January 6, anchor Craig Melvin reported that Kotb was no longer in the Today studio because she had contracted the virus. Melvin informed Today viewers that she was ill at the time. “We should mention here before we get to the news that the reason Hoda is off is like many others she tested positive for Covid.”He said that Kotb “tells us she’s doing just fine and we look forward to having her back very, very soon.”

Kotb, who, like Guthrie, is vaccinated, has received her booster and keeps fans updated about her condition. She tweeted shortly after Melvin’s announcement that she was being diagnosed. “feeling good”Could not “wait to see you all when I am in the clear!”Monday She shared the exciting newsShe received “2 negative tests”It was back! See you at 7:45 xo.”

Kotb and Guthrie are just the latest top talents at NBCUniversal’s New York headquarters to test positive for COVID-19. Last week, late night host Seth Meyers canceled the remainder of his shows for the week after he tested positive for the virus, telling fans, “Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with COVID. The good news? I feel fine, thanks to vaccinations and boosters! We have cancelled all the remaining shows for this week. Please tune in next Monday, to see which cool location we will use as a studio!!” Just a day earlier, Jimmy Fallon shared that “On the first day of our holiday, I was positive for Covid. I was vaccinated with boosters, so my symptoms were mild. Other networks have also been affected by the pandemic, including ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg The ViewJames Corden, CBS’ The Late Late ShowRecent weeks have also seen positive tests.

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