After homeowner hears a’moaning from the wall,’ firefighters rescue the burglar from his chimney


The fire brigade had to pull out a daft burglar who got stuck halfway down a chimney in a botched robbery.

After the homeowner had entered the living area wall, firefighters had to remove it ‘brick by brick’. He only realized he was there after’moaning’ noises began coming from the walls.

Initial thoughts of the male resident were that strange sounds were coming outside.

After receiving a report of an attempted break-in, police were called to Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland, at 3.30 am on Saturday 8 January. However, they left without finding any evidence.

A team of 'two dozen' firemen worked to get the burglar out for a whole hour and a half
For over an hour and a half, a team of firemen helped the burglar escape.

After leaving, the resident was able place the noises from inside the property within just an hour. When officers returned, they found a section of the chimney missing.

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service spokesman Pete Piringer said that around “two dozen firemen”The team worked for over an hour to rescue the burglar.

It is not yet known if the chimney visitor is facing charges
It is unknown if the chimney visit is being charged.

The next step was to take him in an ambulance to the hospital. He was accompanied by a cop escort. According to reports, he sustained minor injuries.

Piringer tweeted: “Just before 6a[m] @mcfrsPD called for assistance [police department]A man was trapped in a chimney and needed to be removed. Rescue crews methodically removed the wall & bricks from around the chimney. He was finally extracted at 730 a.m.[m] & transported to trauma center.”

The officers are still trying figure out how he got into the chimney.

According to the New York Post, it is unknown if he faces any criminal charges.

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