After killing his son in an 81mph fireball car accident, dad, 32, declared that he needed a bullet – World News


Niklas Gebhardt pleaded guilty at Christchurch’s High Court to Manslaughter after his six year-old son Lachlan died in a horror crash

It is believed that a father crashed his car at 81mph and flew it 25 metres before it exploded into flames, killing his son.

Niklas Gebhardt was 32 years old and was speeding. The limit for the bend was 15mph. He didn’t attempt to brake before the car exited the road.

It is reported that he was seen driving recklessly and overtaking cars prior to the collision in Rangiora (New Zealand), on November 5, 2019.

The car burst in flames, and his six-year old son Lachlan, who was being dragged out of the car, also died inside.

Gebhardt pleaded guilty in Christchurch to manslaughter and will be sentenced August 3, reported

The court was informed that Gebhardt had shared custody with Kim Manson, his ex-partner in the boy’s care. He also said that he had made arrangements to pick him up from Dudley Park Aquatic Centre in Rangiora at 4pm.

He started speeding, and it was reported that he had overtaken another car. Then, he abruptly swerved back in his own lane to avoid an additional vehicle.

Gebhardt drove dangerously until he reached a sharp bend, and then he turned around and left the road.

According to some reports, he didn’t attempt to turn around or break the corner. Instead, he hit an embankment.

Reports from a police serious crash unit indicated that the car traveled 24 metres horizontally and 7 metres vertically before it struck a tree.

People ran to the car after it burst into flames. A passer-by helped Gebhardt get out of the car before it became too intense to see if there was anyone else.

Gebhardt was heard saying, “Once out of the car Gebhardt” “Put me back in, swap me with my son, I want to swap.

“My son’s in the back, he’s such a good boy, he’s such a nice boy, I want to swap. I need a bullet.”

Gebhardt sustained 30% burns to his legs and a fractured right femur. Gebhardt was arrested for manslaughter.

In September 2020, he entered Christchurch Central police station, took off his clothes, refused to put them on again, and asked for police to send him to prison.

He was arrested for indecent exposure. He was sentenced to one month in prison.

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