After looting a town, corpses of Russian soldiers killed in action are found abandoned in Ukraine – World News


WARNING! DISTRASSING CONTENT. Watch a clip of household items being taken by Russian troops in front a heavily armed military vehicle in Ukraine.

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Russia: Footage seems to show items taken by troops

It is claimed that 10 Russian soldiers who were killed in battle left their corpses behind and were piled up next to their tanks.

The clip, which was taken next to the Russian military vehicle that was being blitzed, shows household items lying on the ground. These items were apparently stolen by Vladimir Putin’s troops as they scurried through the Ukrainian civilian homes.

You can find electric drills, cooking pans, and toys for kids among the looted items in the video.

The Kremlin’s chaos invasion has descended into chaos. Further proof of this is the ambush of troops near the Russian border in Sumy in northeastern Russia.

Julian Ropcke, a German journalist who writes for, shared the footage.

He tweeted: “These Russians stole pans, toys, drills. But for this group, the raid in Sumy ended in death.”

A dark photo shows the corpses placed on top of one another beside the armoured personnel carriers they raided.

Sources in Ukraine claim that as many as 17,000 Russian soldiers were killed during the five-week conflict.

NATO estimates that the number of soldiers is between 7,000 to 15,000

It occurs after Moscow redrew its offensive lines, and ordered troops to withdraw northern Ukraine’s areas in an effort to refocus on the Donbass.

Over the last few days, Ukraine has retaken 30 villages and towns within the Kyiv Region.

According to Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, the Russian soldiers have been leaving behind mines as well as booby traps after they left the towns and cities.

Journalists are invited to enter the “liberated”Evidence has been discovered in several areas of suspected atrocities including the rape, torture and post-mortem mutilations victims.

These revelations were made after Russia announced that it would reduce its military operations in Kyiv and refocus on the pro-Russian east.

Some have speculated this was in an attempt to limit the country’s losses and reinforce its forces who are already stretched thin.

President Zelensky stated in a video address last week: “In the north of our country, the invaders are leaving.

“It is slow but noticeable. In some places they are being kicked out with fighting. Elsewhere they’re abandoning the positions themselves.

“All this land is being mined. There are many things that can be mined: equipment, houses, and even bodies of the dead.”

But at the time, Zelensky was unaware of the full picture.

In the days that followed, evidence of war crimes emerged from formerly occupied towns, like Bucha to the northwest of the capital.

Zelensky today told the UN Security Council soldiers had slit the throats of non-combatants, raped and killed mothers in front of their children, and cut out tongues “because they didn’t hear what they wanted to.”

The Ukrainian leader went on to say the atrocities were “They are there for their pleasure” and that soldiers “Cut off all limbs” and “Their salaries were slashed [civillian’s]Choles”.

After comparing the Russian soldiers to ISIS, he went on to add there is “They would not commit any crime they (the Russian Forces) wouldn’t.”