After Olivia Newton John’s Death from Cancer at 73, ‘Grease’ Stars Remember Olivia Newton John


Olivia Newton-John’s “Grease”Costars speak out about the late Australian actor, following her death from breast Cancer at the age 73.

“I just can’t believe it,”Didi Conn was a fellow player “Pink Lady”Frenchie in 1978 film, tells Inside Edition. 

Conn and Newton John quickly became close friends, and they remained close for 44 more years. They even traveled together.

“I had never met a real star before, and she certainly didn’t act like it,”Conn.

Conn claims she last spoke to her friend one month before she died.

“She had broken her leg and so that limited her getting around. We all knew it was coming, but she lived day to day. She didn’t call herself a survivor, she called herself a thrivier,”Conn.

Michael Tucci, actor who played Sonny in “Grease,”Olivia Newton-John was also a friend for the rest of their lives.

“[She was] one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. The minute she walked in the room, the whole room kind of lit up,” Tucci said.

News of Newton-John’s death Monday hit the world hard, especially in Australia, where she’s a national hero. One anchor wept in pain.

Newton-John’s niece was also overcome with emotion as she appeared on morning television in Australia. Newton-John’s family was offered a funeral in the state, which they accepted. 

Newton-John has been fighting breast cancer for thirty years. In 2008, she was in remission and spoke to Inside Edition.

“Life for me is a gift. Everyday I’m grateful for being here,”She spoke.

Newton-John founded an independent charity to support global cancer research in her final years. 

Rita Wilson, Kate Hudson and other celebrities have also paid tribute to the actor. Many of her fans have posted tributes online to her singing.

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