After Russia comments, Jeremy Vine was hit by Ofcom complaints


After Vine suggested that Russian soldiers ‘probably deserve death’, Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 program was subject to over 200 Ofcom complaints.

There were 230 complaints from regulators about comments Vine made last Monday (February 28,) regarding Russian troops.

Vine, 56, was talking to Bill about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Bill suggested that many young Russian troops were not willing to fight against the Ukrainians, but that they had no choice.

Bill said: “Quite a number of those Russians you’ll probably find will go across. They were were holding their hands up this morning not wanting to fight Ukrainians. They were told lies by Putin, surprise surprise…”

Jeremy shocked viewers by saying that soldiers should probably die if they are fighting Putin’s war.

jeremy vine
After suggesting Russian soldiers to Jeremy Vine, he has been subject to over 200 Ofcom complaints “probably deserve to die”

He said: “True. But the brutal reality is, if you put on a uniform for Putin and you go and fight his war, you probably deserve to die, don’t you?”

Vine asked Bill: “What’s your problem with fighting Russians if they’ve invaded Ukraine? What’s your problem with doing that?”

Bill seemed to be referring the World War Two events when he replied: “Russia were our allies. The people of Russia are not our enemies…”

The host interrupted him mid-sentence and said: “But that’s then!”

jeremy vine
The Channel 5 host made the Russia comments during a phone-in segment of his show

Bill was added: “I don’t think they’re the enemies. Quite a number of those Russians you’ll probably find will go across… they were holding their hands up this morning not wanting to fight the Ukrainians”

Viewers rushed to social networking to vent their anger at Jeremy’s comments. “vile”.

Twitter user One wrote: “Rancid and vile comments from Vine designed to pull in the viewers and gain a reaction.”

A second: “I cannot believe Jeremy Vine has just said that. Utterly shocked by his lack of compassion.”

jeremy vine
Later, Jeremy defended himself and said that he was only offering an opposing viewpoint to the caller

A third copy was also penned “Wow…. we’ve really gone and lost all compassion for people. Sickening

A fourth added: “It’s a terrible take on #JeremyVine. Yes, there are some very bad people within the Russian army, but many/most will be conscripted, young people who either don’t know what they’re doing or are in fear for their lives.”

Vine later defended his comments, claiming he was simply offering an opposing view to the caller.

He argued: “I am answering a caller and offering the counterpoint to his views. That is what I do day in, day out and that is my job.

“My views are neither here nor there.”

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