After seeing the’strange ghostly figure’ in Ring footage, family was ‘freaked out.


Phil Johnson, 31, a Speke resident, thought the footage was normal until he saw something that looked strange.

The Ring video doorbell camera caught footage of a father that was completely unrecognizable.

Phil Johnson, 31, a Speke resident, went to his bins in his front yard on Friday (7/17) and then returned inside the house.

The footage from his new doorbell camera was sent straight to his phone. It looked like something strange had occurred, according to the report. Liverpool Echo.

The video looked normal at first but then it became strange.

Phil said: “So the footage sticks for a few seconds and then it shows me walking back into the house. Suddenly a strange object goes past my head.

“That is all I know. I’ve seen it many times and still don’t know what happened.”

Phil said that he did not believe in ghosts.

He said: “Ghosts and the supernatural are not my thing. I do not want any ghostbuster type people coming to my house to investigate this.”

Phil said he had lived in the house for years and nothing like this had happened before.

He said: “This has never happened before. The footage is not clear. It’s strange to me and my partner.

“We have put in on social media and all our friends think it is strange too. I never used to believe in ghosts but now I do.”

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