After setting a candle in their room, twin girls choke to death after visiting their father – World News


The twin girls died after the fire suddenly burst into Nunkeri Multi Occupancy, New South Wales. They were lying next to a lit flame.

Two four-year-old twins died after their father lit a candle in their room.

Despite a woman’s call for help, the tragedy took place in a community west of Byron Bay.

The fire suddenly burst into the Nunkeri Multi Occupancy community in New South Wales, as the girls were lying down next to a lit candle.

According to reports, the woman who called in an emergency at 3 AM Sunday morning said: “Hurry, the babies can’t breathe”.

The two girls suffered smoke inhalation and were treated on the spot, but could not be revived after the 4am fire.

Their deaths leave their father devastated and they are left to grieve. Daily MailReports state that the twins visited him alone without their mother.

A neighbor said the Daily Telegraph: “I’m told the father is in a bad state. He blames himself. He’s really shaken up,”

“I heard a fire engine go off around 3am and knew something was wrong, it’s quiet around here, we don’t get sirens going off.”

The property was unharmed and forms part of a 20-home community in Byron Bay, which has been around for 30 years. It is located on 100 acres of farmland.

Investigative efforts continue to establish if the piano’s lit candle was left burning over night.

Police claimed that both girls were asleep “fairly close”To the instrument.

Commandant Superintendent Dave Roptell stated: “It’s unbelievably devastating to see… anyone die in these circumstances. But two four-year-old females, it’s just a tragic set of circumstances.”

Although the exact cause of the fire remains to be determined by police, fire investigators and firefighters will continue to remain on the scene until the investigation is complete.

On Sunday, distraught neighbours visited the house to offer flowers and support the family after the tragedy.

The events have shocked the community, which is a close-knit one.

After the tragedy, neighbours were seen arriving with flowers to show their support.

One woman was unable to hold back tears. A hand-written note was left along with a bouquet of flowers. The note simply read: “Mourning with you.”.

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