After she overshared their personal lives, Kelly Ripa fighting Mark Consuelos


Is Mark Consuelos begging Kelly Ripa To “tone it down”? This time last year, one tabloid claimed Ripa was oversharing about her and Consuelos’ sex life. Let’s check back in on the couple.

Kelly Ripa To Begged by Mark Consuelos’ Tone It Down’?

Twelve months ago, Okay! reported Kelly Ripa was giving everyone a bit too much information about her and Mark Consuelos’ personal lives. Consuelos was embarrassed by Ripa’s constant “gushing about her and hubby Mark Consuelos’ sex life.” Consuelos believes that he and Ripa should be kept apart. “While he’s happy she’s happy, it’s embarrassing that all their friends know what goes on in their bedroom,” Insider dishes.

“He’d like for some things to stay private, but he knew when he married Kelly that she can’t keep anything to herself.” And while the magazine couldn’t pinpoint where exactly Ripa crossed a line, it noted that Ripa is head over heels for her husband. “She still thinks he’s so gorgeous,” The snitch shares. “They’ve been married 24 years, and the spark is alive and well.”

Kelly Ripa Is Embarrassing Mark Consuelos

Here’s the thing: Ripa is Very Her passionate relationship with Consuelos was openly revealed. Consuelos, however, has always matched her energy. He has never shown any signs that he is not. “embarrassed” Read her comments. In the year since this article was published, Ripa undoubtedly hasn’t slowed down on the steamy photos. Ripa had a blast over the summer showing off Consuelos’ beach body.

And Consuelos is no different. Consuelos is quick to rave about Ripa’s sexiness. Ripa received a sweet birthday message from him earlier in the month. “Happy Birthday to my best friend, lover, confidant. My dance partner in life…My forever girl. For all the important days we’ve missed being together over many years, I’m so grateful to spend this special day with you. I love you, Happy Birthday amore’, M.” Obviously, Ripa’s openness hasn’t caused any problems in her marriage, and they’re doing just fine.

The Tabloid: Celebrity Couples

This isn’t the first time, Okay! It was wrong about a famous couple. The tabloid claimed that Carrie Underwood was fighting over her husband’s alleged infidelity earlier this year. “roving eye.” The outlet then reported that Chip Gaines was fighting with Joanna Gaines over business matters. The magazine also reported that Ryan Reynolds had chosen work over Blake Lively. It is obvious. Okay! When it comes to a famous couple, she isn’t an expert.

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