After Skin Cancer Diagnosis Rachel Maddow Undergoes Surgery


Rachel Maddow is sending a vital health message after recently being diagnosed with skin cancer.

On the October 6 episode of The Rachel Maddow Show, the MSNBC anchor said that, a few months ago, her partner Susan Mikula noticed a mole on her neck had “changed.” After confirming with a friend that the mole had indeed changed, Maddow went to see a dermatologist.

“Did a biopsy; turns out it was skin cancer,” the political commentator told viewers. “Skin cancer accounts for the vast majority of cancers diagnosed in the United States. And the vast majority of skin cancers are removable, treatable. But here’s the thing I’m going to tell you…even the deadliest kinds of skin cancers now, the ones that like to spread to other parts of your body, the ones that like to try to kill you…those too are way more treatable than they used to be. On one condition: that you get them early.”0

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