After Tasha’s brutal snub, Andrew is persuaded by the Love Island boys to “look elsewhere”.


Andrew Le Page of Love Island will make Tasha Ghouri happy with his promise “space”After Charlie’s dramatic U-turn, he should be able to enjoy tonight’s episode and not worry about Charlie.

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Love Island: Luca offers advice to Andrew about Tasha

Love Island is about to undergo a dramatic overhaul tonight as Andrew Le Page is convinced to. “give it a chance”Take a look around to see what else may happen at the villa.

Andrew, 27, is currently married to Tasha Ghouri (model), but he vows to get her back. “space”After the entry of Charlie Radnedge, new bombshell.

Andrew, 23-year-old Tasha and Andrew have been together since the series began. However, it seems that Charlie, 28, is causing doubts about their future.

In Sunday’s Episode (June 26), Andrew discusses with the boys the situation and states: “I’m going to give her space today, and just gonna try and enjoy my time.”

Dami Hope believes this is the best thing for Andrew and offers some guidance.

The 26-year-old said: “I feel like going forward if anyone else comes in and all that, you should be open and give it a chance because I feel like most of the time you’re a bit closed off because you know how much you really, really like Tasha.

“However, I think it’s worth giving it a try to see if there are other possibilities.”

Dami’s comments come after Andrew hit out at Tasha in Friday’s episode, after she said she wanted to get to know Charlie.

Andrew said: “Tasha was a little bit reluctant to go with me at first, but now she is eager to get to know him. You know what? F*** this.”

Despite this, Andrew chose to stick with Tasha during the recoupling, after Charlie decided to pair up with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

Many Love Island fans have spoken out in support of Tasha on Twitter, saying she should be allowed to get to know who she wants

One person wrote: “Wait so paige can get to know jay, but everyone went insane after Tasha had only one conversation.”

Another said: “Luca and the rest of the boys getting mad at Tasha but backing Jay for doing the exact same thing doesn’t sit right with me.”

One fan Tweeted: “umm dami and what about luca? jay said it to ekin su, so why didn’t you guys do the same to him?” while another said: “Get your friends together to get on Tasha’s side. Are you serious?”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 & ITV Hub