After the decline in COVID-19 vaccinations, Ice Cube steps away from a $9M movie payday


Ice Cube will no longer be part of Sony’s forthcoming movie “Oh Hell No”Sources said that he refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccination because he doesn’t want it. The Hollywood Reporter.

Jack Black stars in the comedy. Filming was set to begin in Hawaii this winter. Black and Matt Tolmach are the producers of this project.

“Producers on ‘Oh Hell No’ made the request that cast on the project would need to be vaccinated,”The Hollywood Reporter reported.

The film was expected to net Ice Cube $9 million. Sony is now trying to find his replacement. So far, Sony, Ice Cube, Jack Black and Matt Tolmach have not commented on the situation.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that this was the second project the rapper had left in the last few months. He was to star in the boxing movie “Boxing Movie”. “Flint Strong”However, he has resigned. It is unclear if the exit will be related to vaccines.

Cube has been a proponent of wearing masks ever since the pandemic. He donated masks in August to Bacone College in Oklahoma.

He also promoted a “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self”He was wearing a mask while wearing the t-shirt. These sales helped frontline workers in the health sector.

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