After the flurry of controversy, Tamir Rice is shot and killed by a police officer.


Timothy Loehmann (the former Cleveland police officer who shot and fatally wounded Tamir Rice, 12 years old), resigned on Thursday from a small Pennsylvania department, following protests against his hiring.

Loehmann, the Tioga Police Department’s sole officer, was sworn into office Tuesday evening. 700 people live in the rural borough.

Steve Hazlett, the president of the borough council, told and The Plain Dealer that Loehmann withdrew his application Thursday morning.

After reports that Loehmann had been elected as the only cop in the small enclave of Enclave, protesters poured into the town hall Wednesday night.

“I was under the impression that there was a thorough background check into him, that he didn’t have any issues,” reported that Mayor David Wilcox spoke Wednesday.

“I found it strange that someone would move here all the way from Cleveland, Ohio, for $18 an hour. But I heard that he wanted to get away from it all and come here to hunt and fish.”

Rice’s mother, Samaria, said, “It’s really pathetic and sad that anybody would give this man a job,” WKYC-TV reports. “Timothy Loehmann should never have a job, nowhere across the country, after murdering my son.”

Loehmann fatally shot Tamir Rice after receiving a report from police that a suspect was being held. “guy with a pistol” outside  Cleveland’s Cudell Recreation Center.

The boy was actually playing with a pellet pistol. Responding officers claimed that the boy was playing with a pellet gun and was not a juvenile before he was shot twice.

Loehmann was not charged by an Ohio grand jury in 2015. After an internal investigation found that he had lied about his application to join, he was fired one year later.

Loehmann tried again to join an agency of law enforcement since the fatal shooting. 

After controversy broke out, he was unable to join Bellaire Police Department.

In 2021, an appeals court upheld Loehmann’s firing, and the Ohio Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal.

In the case of the boy’s murder, no one from the Cleveland police has been arrested.