After the murder of an accused, Widow of Man was fatally shot in Florida Movie Theater in 2014.


The wife of a man gunned down in a Florida movie theater eight years ago is speaking out for the first time since his killer was acquitted.

“Not guilty, at least to me, does not equal innocent,”Nicole Oulson spoke to Inside Edition.

Nicole and Chad Oulson went to Tampa for the movie theaters in 2014. “Lone Survivor,” an action movie starring Mark Wahlberg. 

They got into an argument before the movie started with Curtis Reeves (71), a former police captain.

Chad Oulson was messaging his babysitter while texting, when Reeves instructed him to turn off his phone. Chad then threw a bag full of popcorn at Reeves, escalating the argument. Reeves pulled out a gun and shot Chad in the chest.

In February, a jury found Reeves not guilty of second-degree murder after he said he feared for his life and claimed self defense.

“There was doubt and what that was that the jury saw, I don’t know. Maybe it was his age or that he was prior police. To me, no, justice was not done,” Nicole said.

Nicole, who was sat next to her husband, sustained injuries when the bullet struck her ring finger.

“It’s a little crooked and I can’t bend it and close it all the way,”She spoke.

Nicole said that she doesn’t feel complete after losing her husband in such a terrible way.

“He was the love of my life. He was just an amazing, awesome, outgoing, caring, kind man,” Nicole said.

Lexy, Lexy’s 10 year old daughter, was just 22 months old at the time her father was gunned down. In an effort to assist victims of gun violence, the family has launched the Oulson Family Foundation.

“This is the light at the end of the tunnel, where now we can turn things around and give back and keep his legacy alive,” Nicole said.

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