After the Platinum Jubilee, Sharon Osbourne feels’sorry’ for Prince Harry


Prince HarryAfter a hectic week celebrating Platinum Jubilee, it is time to return home. Sharon OsbourneWe feel sorry for him. Here’s what the oft-controversial Brit has to say.

Poor Prince Harry

Fox News brought together Osbourne and Piers Morgan, two former mainstream anchors, to discuss the Platinum Jubilee. The former Talk host didn’t mince words when she discussed the celebrations. She believed that Harry and Meghan Markle had to have rethought their decision after the joyous occasion.

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“The royal family has always been like a Shakespearean play for me. I have to tell you when I saw them [Harry and Meghan] earlier on … I felt sorry for them. And the way that they were parted from the family,” Osbourne said. Harry and Meghan were heckled during their one-time appearance, and they were not permitted to go up on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Osbourne continued, “I do feel sorry for him [Prince Harry] because I think that there must be a huge part of him that regrets.”She thought Harry might have regretted not growing up with his cousins. “It’s got to have an effect on you when they don’t have any cousins, aunts, uncles,”

What does the Sussex family feel?

Only Harry or Markle are able to know the truth. That being said, Osbourne’s comments are a bit of a mischaracterization of their role in the jubilee. Harry didn’t want to go on the balcony in the first place. According to royal insiders, it was partly Harry’s idea to avoid the spotlight. You can’t really be excluded when you actively take steps not to be included.

The Sussexes have a close relationship with their extended families. Harry and William’s relationship is thawing somewhat, with weekly FaceTime calls helping to destroy the gap between them. We also know that Harry is very close with Princess Eugenie. Both attended the Super Bowl this year together. One wouldn’t expect Osbourne to be privy to any of this information, but the reality of the situation doesn’t back her thesis.

Sharon Osbourne Free to Speculate

Osbourne is entitled to her opinion, and maybe she’s right. Maybe Harry and Markle watched as legions of Brits adore Elizabeth, with regret in their hearts. Perhaps they watched it and thanked their lucky stars for being able to leave Britain. At least Osbourne’s comments come from a place of sympathy and not pure hatred. This is shocking, considering Piers Morgan sat across the table from her.

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