After the threat of a nuke, Putin’s chief propagandist flees to Dubai


Vladimir Putin’s propaganda mouthpiece Dmitry Kiselyov took his wife to Dubai after threatening that Russia could “plunge Britain into the depths of the sea”A hypersonic Satan-2 missile.

Russian state TV anchor Vladimir Putin was photographed at the five star Jumeirah Al Qasr resort with his eighth spouse Maria.

Senior Ukrainian diplomat Olexander Scherba, ex-ambassador to Austria, posted: “One of Putin’s chief propagandists Dmitry Kiselyov, a guy who breeds hate & threatens the world with nuclear war on a weekly basis, was sighted in Dubai. Enjoying life where he’s not banned yet.”

Although the UK and EU have sanctioned the 68-year old warmonger, sanctions in Dubai have not yet been applied to him.

Dmitry Kiselyov pictured with wife Maria in Dubai
Dmitry Kiselyov and Maria are pictured in Dubai

Ukrainian citizens have been left outraged by Dubai’s more relaxed mood over the Russia-Ukraine war as one social media user said: “Ukrainian special forces should make plans.”

One reply read: “Well, I would know where to send Ukrainian special agents…. like Israel did…”

A third added: “Somebody highly trained should do the world a favour.”

Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel was said to be inspired from the summer residences built by the Sheikhs.

dubai hotel
Prices start from £1,236 per night at the Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel

Prices start from £1,236 (+£282 taxes and charges) for one night, for two adults in a Junior Arabian Suite with access to Wild Wadi Waterpark.

The private 80m2 suite includes one bedroom, one living area, and one large bed.

This news comes just a few days after Kiselyov stated that Russia could destroy the UK using its new hypersonic Satan-2 rocket. “plunge Britain into the depths of the sea”It is available in English “underwater robotic drone Poseidon”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top propagandist threatened Britain via TV

This would be “raise a giant wave, a tsunami, up to 500 metres [1,640ft] high”, he said to viewers on his Vesti Ndeli talkshow.

Kiselyov also added: “Why do they threaten vast Russia with nuclear weapons while they are only a small island?

“The island is so small that one Sarmat missile is enough to drown it once and for all… Russian missile Sarmat [aka Satan-2], the world most powerful…is capable of … destroying an area the size of Texas or England.

“A single launch, Boris, and there is no England anymore…why do they play games?”

5* Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel in Dubai
The private suite includes a bedroom and a living room.

The propagandist kept going, adding: “Another option to plunge Britain into the depths of the sea is the Russian underwater robotic drone Poseidon.

“It approaches the target at a one-kilometre depth with the speed of 200 kilometres per hour [125mph]. There is NO way to stop this underwater drone. It has a warhead with a capacity of up to 100 megatons.

“The explosion of this thermonuclear torpedo close to Britain’s shores will raise a giant wave, a tsunami, up to 500 metres [1,640ft] high.

Vladimir Putin's 'propagandist-in-chief' Dmitry Kiselyov on TV
Kiselyov threatened Britain to drown in a radioactive tsunami on Russian state TV

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“This tidal wave is also a carrier of extremely high doses of radiation. Surging over Britain, it will turn what is probably left of them into radioactive desert.

“Permanently unusable for anything. How do you like this prospect? And Putin warned about this, back on February 24 [if anyone interfered with his special military operation].”

It is said that the weapon is due to be deployed in Autumn, however, there are also claims of delays and that it may not be ready until 2028.