After using phone lighting during labor, doctors nearly cut off the baby’s ear.


A doctor using three mobile phones for lighting almost cut off a baby’s ear as he was delivered by caesarean section in a Mexico hospital.

After a power outage lasted approximately 26 minutes at Mexicali Inter Specialties Clinic, Mexicali in Baja California, the obstetrician decided that the procedure could be continued using the glare emitted by the phones. Karla Urizandi (19 years old) had already been given anaesthesia before the lights went off.

Juan Adriel Solis was also born by her gynaecologist and Dr David Santoyo (another doctor).

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But his left ear was cut by Dr Santoyo as he attempted to remove an hemangioma – a vascular birthmark – which caused the baby’s head to swell up.

The injury occurred when doctors attempted to remove a hemangioma from the baby
The baby suffered a severe injury when doctors tried to remove a hemoglobin from it.

“With three cell phones pointed at my belly, they begin to perform a caesarean section,” explained the shocked teenager on TikTok.

“I told him no, I don’t want to die. In reality, it scared me a lot.

“After a few minutes I heard my baby cry. I think that they are going to put him aside, no. More time passes and I ask him, ‘and the baby?’.”

Karla revealed it was only when her husband Juan Solis appeared and told her what had happened to their newborn son, did she realise the extent of his injuries.

“I was waiting for a doctor or someone to come in and give me an explanation, but it wasn’t like that,” she added.

Doctors decided to go ahead with the procedure despite using the light from just three mobile phones
Doctors decided to proceed with the procedure even though they used only three mobile phones for the light.

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“At no time did they arrive or explain anything to me.”

A video recorded by one of the physicians showed one of the doctors holding the baby and placing him over a blanket as he cried aloud.

The family have since returned home, with the baby recovering from the frightening incident, but Karla and her husband have filed an incident report with Baja California Attorney General’s Office, accusing the medical facility and doctors of malpractice.


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