Afterlife’s Star Mckenna Grace releases the first single ‘Haunted house’ with music video


Ghostbusters: Afterlife Mckenna Grace stars as Mckenna Grace and brings more than just her acting skills to Hollywood’s latest version of the beloved movie. The song that you hear is by Grace, a 15-year old actress who plays Pheobe in Paul Rudd’s new movie. Grace released the song as well. “Haunted House”Complete Thursday edition, including an official music video.

“HAUNTED HOUSE out now and SURPRISE!!!” Grace Tweet Thursday. “Can’t believe I’m typing this, but it plays in the end credits of GB! Being part of Ghostbusters is a highlight of my film journey and having my first single be part of it is one of the greatest honors of my life.”

Grace, who has been signed with Photo Finish Records, stated that in a release to Entertainment TonightThe single was inspired by a “rough time”In her private life during the COVID pandemic. “I wanted to write a song about how even after someone’s not in your life anymore, their memory never really leaves you,”She spoke. “You could take it as a breakup song, but it could also be about a friend or a family member or any kind of relationship that’s ended.”

Ghosbusters: AfterlifeAlso stars Carrie Coon, as Pheobe’s mom Callie, and Finn Wolfhard playing her brother Trevor. After their family moves into a farmhouse in rural Vermont, they discover a connection to Ghostbusters. Chaos follows. Original Paul Rudd GhostbustersErnie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Dan Murray also star in the film.

She told that acting professionally for 10 years and starting her music career haven’t been a burden to the young star. ColliderPrior to Friday’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiere. “I’ve been acting since I was five and a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, that poor girl. All she does is work. She needs to go outside, ride a bike,'”She spoke. “Those to me are the stupidest comments and stuff because I have so much fun. It’s like, ‘Oh, she needs to be outside. Ah!’ I’m literally outside skating, doing all sorts of stuff. [It’s] just, a lot of parts of my life I don’t share on social media, so it’s hard to see behind the curtain. But honestly, this is what I love doing. This is my passion. I would not rather be doing anything else besides this, anything creative.”

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