Aggressive Greggs customer calls worker ‘fat b****’ after she told him to stop swearing


Jonathon Boulton (36), lost his temper after being challenged about swearing. After being challenged for swearing, Boulton reacted by kicking off at the police officers who were present at the bakery branch.

A “super aggressive”Greggs customer told a female employee to “f*** off”And called her a “fat b****”An appalling explosion in rage.

Jonathon Boulton, 36 years old, lost his temper after the cashier advised him not to swear.

He then ran at the police officers who attended Hanley’s bakery chain near Stoke. StokeonTrentLive Reports

North Staffordshire Justice Centre magistrates heard that the incident was caused by a “misunderstanding”Boulton thought Boulton was swearing to her, when he was talking on the phone with his girlfriend via wireless headphones.

Prosecutor Simon Dykes said: “The complainant was behind the till and heard the defendant shout and swear. She said he was extremely aggressive.

“She explained that there was always a free day if he did not want to wait. He said, ‘I will f****** stand here’. She told him he didn’t need to swear. He said, ‘I’m not f****** swearing’.

“He repeatedly told her to f*** off and called her a fat b****. He was very aggressive.

“She was afraid he might be physically aggressive towards her.”

The court heard security staff alerted police who attended the shop.

Mr Dykes added: “When officers arrived, the defendant said, ‘Put your hands on me I will ******* break you’. Officers had no choice but to handcuff Boulton. After being handcuffed, he was stubborn.

“Officers noted he was in drink. They described his behaviour as unpredictable. Eventually, they had to us PAVA spray to get him under control.”

Boulton, formerly of Oxford Road NewcastleAlthough he is no longer at a fixed address, he pleaded guilty for using abusive, threatening, or insulting words or behaviours with the intent to create fear or incite unlawful violence.

He also admitted to resisting a police officer.

According to the court, the September 18 offences were originally dealt with through a conditional police warning. But Boulton violated this by committing another offense – being drunk and disorderly at a public place – the next day.

Andrew Turnock, mitigating, said: “The situation developed in Greggs due to a misunderstanding.

“Although he admitted that he was swearing, he wasn’t swearing at the complainant. He was wearing Bluetooth earplugs and his phone in his pocket.

“He had a row with his girlfriend who was outside the shop. She rang him and he said, I’m in the ******* queue.

“The complainant started making comments about his swearing. The complainant lost his temper and became abusive. It was a storm within a teacup.”

Magistrates fined Boulton £233 and ordered him to pay £50 in compensation. He must also pay £169 in court costs and charges.

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