Ahmaud Arbery Murder Case: Travis McMichael Under Cross-Examination


The murder trial of Ahmaud Abery, a Black man shot while running in south Georgia, was continued Thursday by Travis McMichael’s dramatic cross-examination. 

Linda Dunikoski, McMichael’s prosecutor, repeatedly asked McMichael to clarify if Arbery ever threatened or yelled at him. Every time McMichael was asked, McMichael answered no.

Arbery’s final moments of terror were captured by a cellphone camera.

Travis McMichael, his father, Greg, and their neighbor William Bryan say they believed Arbery had been stealing from a construction site and attempted to make a citizen’s arrest.

Dunikoski scoffed at Travis McMichael when he said he was nervous when he gave a statement to police.

“What were you nervous about?” Dunikoski asked.

“I just killed a man. I had blood on me still…I mean, it was horrible,” Travis said.

“You were nervous, because you thought you were going to jail, right?” Dunikoski asked.

“No,” Travis said.

Court TV’s Julia Janae is following the trial.

“Linda Dunikoski was methodical as she went through each and every piece of the statements Travis McMichael has made in the past, and she questioned why she thought Ahmaud Arbery was a threat, when he admitted on the stand that he never saw Arbery reach for a weapon or point a weapon at him during that chase,”Janae added.

If convicted, all three men charged in Abrery’s death could face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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