Alabama Barker, Travis Barker’s child, was able to make up for herself after she got into an argument with trolls


Alabama Barker, 16, danced in her bedroom using TikTok after she was criticized for her appearance. After being criticised for her clothes and heavy makeup by keyboard warriors, the teenager appeared happy.

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Alabama Barker’s little girl posts before-and-after video

Alabama Barker’s daughter looked fresh-faced after a backlash from fans.

The 16-year old was told to “act her age”by trolls who attacked her for her appearance.

Alabama, who is known for wearing a lot of make-up, recently stated that she was using a lighter palette. “over everybody”After she had been scrutinized.

The Instagram bio of the teen is “I break hearts”The front of the shirt featured a large logo and was over-sized.

Travis’s youngest son danced around her bedroom to Cupid remixes by 2 Rare.

Two pretty braids were placed in her long, blonde hair. She appeared to be wearing no shorts or trousers.

She was praised by her fans for showing her silly side’, and for letting her hair down.

“She’s so precious it hurts,”One wrote.

A second: “Can I just say you look absolutely stunning without any makeup onnnnnn!”

The third echos: “She’s naturally beautiful! U don’t need no makeup babe”

This influencer is often criticized for her beautiful photos. “mature” look.

“And she is how old????”One person wrote.

Others, however, said: “Hun you are a minor, you can’t sexualize yourself like this” “You are 16!!!! Where the hell are your parents??”

Four selfies were shared by her, each showing off her cropped hair in her signature blonde color.

Flipping the middle fingers, she captioned her snaps: “So over everybody.”

One fan asked her to: “How do you deal with the negativity im struggling with all the people in my hometown.”

She responded: “There’s so many different ways people cope with negativity, i personally just try and distance myself and just focus on myself, never let people get power over your energy.”

Another video showed her wearing a black puffer coat over a bralette and applying her signature full-face makeup.

Landon, Landon’s older brother, was also in the video.

Last year, she uploaded a TikTok Video that fans called “The TikTok Girl”. “awkward” “embarrassing”.

She danced in front her dad in a brown leather jacket, and low-rise skinny Jeans.

Rocker Travis was wearing a hoodie with slippers, while his daughter danced in front.

Landon joined the fun and danced his way over to his dad’s bed to join the party. He seemed frozen in place all the time.

Travis, her dad, is currently engaged with Kourtney Kardashian. Alabama will join the Kardashian-Jenner family.