Aldi and Asda have altered their logos without customers noticing.


One social media user highlighted that a number of supermarkets have subtly altered their logos in recent months.

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Aldi & Asda both changed their logos, and no one noticed.

Many of us will stop at the supermarket many times per week to pick up extra milk or bread loaf.

We’ll see the logo of the store every time we shop.

One shopper, however, has noticed that several large companies have recently changed their logos.

A TikTok user named “Ali” was featured in a viral TikTok post @crapipadartWe took a look today at four supermarket logos, and then we revealed how they used to look before any modifications were made.

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The clip demonstrated how Aldi as well as Asda changed their logos.

The caption reads: “Logos that changed without you even noticing”.

Aldi’s original logo featured six straight lines that formed the A. The store’s name was written beneath.

The A is placed on a dark blue background and surrounded by a thin orange border, slightly thicker orange border, and a wide yellow curved border.

The new logo is more modern and thicker with curved lines for A. Red, orange, yellow borders are still there, but the letters are much smaller.

Asda has retained the original logo shape and size. However, the colour of the logo is now lighter and more vibrant than it was before.

People on TikTok were also surprised to discover that the Morrisons logo was once a large black and yellow letter M. Today it is the word Morrisons in a green with some yellow leaves at the top.

This clip also shows The cooperative’s logo. It switches between The cooperative and The coop. Some pointed out that these two things are different, so you will still see both logos.

Over 414,000 people watched the video. Thousands liked and hundreds commented.

One person said: “The new Aldi one I didn’t even realise had happened lol.”

Another author wrote: “Why am I emotional over supermarket logos?”

A third person replied: “Morrisons had a glow-up.”

What do YOU think about the changing logos Comment below.