Alec Baldwin shares a throwback photo of himself in some tiny shorts


Alec BaldwinAlthough he has been through a tough few months, he seems to be trying to keep things light on Instagram. The actor is still struggling with the consequences of the tragic accidently shot on the set RustEarlier this week,, shared a fun throwback picture.

Baldwin shares a Throwback Photo on Insta 

“Stromboli had great pizza on University when I first moved to NY,”Baldwin captioned Baldwin’s photo in Stromboli Pizza tee and very small blue running shorts. “But those pants! Maddone….(phonetic spelling?)”

His followers were flooded with jokes and comments about the outfit. “The Eighties called. They want the t-shirt back, but said you can keep the shorts,”One fan made a joke. Another fan commented, “Wouldn’t really refer to them as “pants.” Daisy dukes maybe!!”

Still dealing with the aftermath of a shooting accident that left a victim dead

Baldwin may be avoiding social media but is still struggling with the aftermath from the October shootings on the set. Rust Halyna Houtchins, a cinematographer, was shot and killed. Joel Souza sustained injuries. A script supervisor filed a lawsuit against the actor claiming that he violated safety procedures while on set. 

Baldwin’s attorneys have asked the Los Angeles court to dismiss the lawsuit, rejecting claims that the actor intended any harm from crew member Mamie Mitchell. In court documents, His legal team provided the following statement, “Despite Plaintiff’s attempt to label claims as intentional, nothing about Plaintiff’s allegations suggest that any of Defendants intentionally committed harmful conduct.”

They are also arguing that any financial compensation should come from New Mexico’s worker’s compensation system, which covers on-the-job accidents: “Plaintiff alleges facts suggestive of negligence (i.e., a claim exclusively subject to New Mexico’s workers’ compensation system), not assault.”

Script Supervisor’s Lawsuit

Mitchell was the one who dialled 911 after the shooting. “I saw Alec going through his movement with the gun for the camera,” Mitchell claimed in her lawsuit filing. “I was holding my script in my left hand and had taken out my iPhone and opened up my photos to check the continuity on his shirt and vest. Then an explosion. Deafening loud gunshot.”

Baldwin is claimed by the crew member “intentionally, without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired the loaded gun even though the upcoming scene to be filmed did not call for the cocking and firing of a firearm.” 

Mitchell claims Mitchell also asserts that safety protocols were not followed and that Mitchell was a victim of this. “actions that were taken”That day “were against all industry norms.” She is suing for loss of future earnings, special and general damages, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages, claiming that she suffered pain and ringing in her ears, in addition to emotional injuries, as a result of the shooting.

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