Alec Baldwin’s rehearsal of ‘Rust’ Gun Drawing among Evidence released by Sheriff’s Office


The release of police videos from last year’s fatal shooting on the set of “Rust”Each frame is being viewed by many people. However, the family of the cinematographer that was killed is wondering why so much evidence was made available during active investigations.

Among the videos released by the sheriff’s department are clips of Alec Baldwin rehearsing the scene that would end in Hutchins’ accidental death. 

Baldwin seems to struggle with the gun holster. He draws the gun and points it as if it were firing, but he does not cock the weapon. He draws the gun again after putting the gun back in its holster.

While there isn’t video of the fatal shot in this instance, bodycam footage shows Hutchins receiving treatment by first responders. 

Halyna Hutchins’s husband says his family is “surprised by the decision to release such a large amount of evidence given that the investigation is still active.”

Outside the church, Baldwin fully cooperated with police. Three hours later at the sheriff’s office, investigators gave Baldwin his Miranda rights.

“So my only question is, am I being charged with something?”Baldwin asked. Baldwin asked. “No.”

Baldwin explained that Baldwin had cocked the gun and it went off. 

“I left my wife and six kids in New York to come here for a month to shoot this movie, and I’m the one that shot the gun today that had a live bullet go through that woman’s body and into his body. And I need to know, how did that happen? Where did that bullet come from?” Baldwin said.

Baldwin claimed that he didn’t trigger the gun.