Alex Albon Defends Netflix’s Drive to Survive “Saved” F1


Formula 1 is rapidly racing to American popularity. Professional F1 drivers are also enjoying it. Alex AlbonCredits to the Netflix Docuseries Formula 1: Drive for Survival.

“What I’ve seen is, basically, America’s really taken off,”Alex spoke only to the host Austin J. MillsE! 24 October episode News’ DRIVE!. “We got three races now in Formula 1 where we come to America. It’s always sold out.”

This predominantly European sport has been transformed “such a huge thing” in the States, according to Alex, especially since the Netflix series’ debut in 2019. The show—which premiered its fourth season in March—gives fans a behind-the-scenes look into the world of F1 racing and its drivers, including Alex.

“In some ways, honestly, it’s kind of saved Formula 1,”He added. “It’s been really impressive, so it’s been really good for the sport.”

Not to mention: Drive to Survive introduced his girlfriend—professional golfer Lily Muni She—to the world of F1. Both have been dating Since 2019.

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